Kings County Market Update – December 2019

March 5, 2020

Should You Worry About Market Fluctuations? You turn on the television and watch a news story about housing prices going down. Then you read an article about the housing market on the upswing again. Check out your LOCAL market here. It’s a little like being on a roller-coaster ride! (read more) ...

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Cutting Renovation Costs without Cutting Quality

February 18, 2020

As you probably know, it’s easy to lower the costs of a renovation. Just hire an inexpensive, fly-by-night contractor — and hope for the best! Chances are, you won’t want to take that risk. So how do you ensure you get quality work while keeping your budget in check? Here ...

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The 4 Ps to Maximizing your Selling Price

February 15, 2020

When you sell, you’ll probably want to get the best possible price for your property. Who wouldn’t? Unfortunately, there are many ways to inadvertently leave money on the table – sometimes thousands of dollars. How do you avoid that possibility? Just remember the 4 Ps:   Prep. Do everything you ...

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Paving and Patio Ideas

August 26, 2019

If you want to replace a tired-looking driveway or create a patio or walk-out area at ground level, you could be well-served by investigating your options before settling on a traditional surface material, such as asphalt or concrete slabs. For instance, if you like the look of real stone, but ...

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Kids Need to Understand Personal Data

August 19, 2019

The risks and benefits of data collection may be incomprehensible to most children, but it’s important for them to know that information about them is constantly being collected from their smartphones. Therefore, even children need to be thoughtful about what facts and images they choose to share, as they build ...

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Your Drinking Water Deserves Attention

August 12, 2019

All homeowners deserve to be confident in the quality of their household drinking water, but verifying its integrity may require some initiative. In fact, even if you rely on a municipal water system that is heavily regulated and frequently tested, you could still end up with questionable water in your ...

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