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Everything Depends on Your Foundation

Many house-dwellers might be surprised that the main purpose of their home’s eavestroughs and downpipes is to protect the building’s foundation. If water poured straight to the ground from the roof, it would pool around the house perimeter, eventually compromising the stability of the entire structure. So your eavestroughs and ...

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How to Repair a Large Drywall Hole

Repairing a large hole in your wall is surprisingly easy when you follow a few simple steps: Use a utility knife or coping saw to square the edges of the drywall hole. Cut a patch from a new piece of drywall, making sure it’s slightly smaller than the squared hole ...

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Quick Plumbing Jobs You Can Do Yourself

1. To unclog slow drains without harsh chemicals, pour boiling water into the drain, followed by a cup of baking soda, then 1-2 cups of vinegar (depending on the type). The reaction can dislodge common blockages. 2. To fix a dripping faucet caused by a faulty washer, start by shutting ...

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