Video and 3D Tour Examples

Real Estate Videos are becoming more and more prevalent in the real estate industry, and, as such, they are an option we can add to your listing. One of the benefits is the ability to be able to tour a property from any device. Let us know if a video of your home is something that you would like us to add to the Marketing Plan of your property.

Below is a sampling of the various types of video services we are now offering our sellers. Talk to us about which one would best display your property.

This first example below is a slideshow of high quality still photos showing your home at its best. This has been found to be one of the more effective marketing tools.

The video below is an example of a drone video showing an aerial view of your property and the surrounding area. Not all properties are suitable for this type of video, and some locations may have regulations that may prohibit the use of a drone.

This example video is of the exterior and interior of a property. This is an effective marketing tool when a property has been well staged for photography.

Introducing: iGuide. Below is a sample of this specialized tool that we now have the option to add to a listing. The benefits are immense: the ability of a buyer to tour a property from any device, a simple & user-friendly platform similar to Google Maps, accurate floor plans, exterior tours, snap any needed measurements of the property on the spot, or tour the neighbourhood. Bonus: it’s a one-stop-shop with professional photos, video tour, measurements, floor plans, and MLS description all on the same page. Let us know if iGuide interests you. Check out the iGuide interface below. (Some conditions apply)

Ask us today how soon we can get your home ready for a video or 3D tour like the above.


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