Oasis Spaces for Backyard Comfort

Yard work isn’t always pleasant, but it can be more rewarding if a portion of your outdoor space is dedicated to an area where you can lounge and relax after all your work is done. The size of the area is not as important as the atmosphere it provides. It ...

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Should you Play the Waiting Game?

There are many situations where playing the waiting game can pay off. For example, you can delay booking a flight and hold out for a last-minute deal, or you can wait for a grocery item to go on sale so you can stock up and save. Does it make sense ...

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Where Should you be on the “Staging” Continuum?

Staging is a proven method of enhancing the appeal of your home. In some cases, it will not only help sell your home faster, but also result in a higher price. But there is a continuum to staging that you will need to consider. At one end of the continuum ...

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