Your Drinking Water Deserves Attention

August 12, 2019


All homeowners deserve to be confident in the quality of their household drinking water, but verifying its integrity may require some initiative. In fact, even if you rely on a municipal water system that is heavily regulated and frequently tested, you could still end up with questionable water in your home if there is corrosion of the pipes within your own walls. Likewise, fresh well water may be compromised by polluted run-off, leaching of toxic chemicals, or animal contamination in the water table.

Some consumers consider bottled water or cooler services to be the safest choice, but in fact those suppliers may not be obligated to test the water as thoroughly as municipalities do.

If you are ever concerned about the quality of your drinking water, even if it is a municipal supply, you may want to consider filtering your supply as you draw it from your faucet(s), or installing a whole-home system that purifies your water at its point of entry into your property (presuming your internal plumbing is not compromised).