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How to Make your Home “Picture Perfect” for Viewings

Have you ever had a formal photo shoot? Perhaps you’ve had one for work or arranged one for your family. If so, chances are you dressed up and made yourself look your best. That’s the right mindset to be in when selling your home too. You want to make every ...

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How to Make your Home Look More Spacious to Buyers

Depending on your decor and furnishings, some rooms in your home may appear to be smaller than their physical size. Since buyers are typically looking for as much space as possible, it’s important to make all your rooms seem, well, roomy! Here are some tips that will help: Consider removing ...

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Four Things You Should Know About Staging

You’ve probably heard about “home staging”. As the name implies, it’s all about arranging each room in your home in a way that will make the best impression on buyers. Here’s what you need to know about staging if you’re thinking of listing your property. 1. Staging can get you ...

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