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Common Household Items that Can Cause a Fire

February 19, 2018

You never want to smell smoke in your home and realize there’s a fire. That’s why it is important to be diligent about fire safety. Experts recommend that homeowners be especially careful with the following common household items: Portable heaters. Never leave one in a room unattended. Make sure paper ...

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Quick Plumbing Jobs You Can Do Yourself

February 17, 2018

1. To unclog slow drains without harsh chemicals, pour boiling water into the drain, followed by a cup of baking soda, then 1-2 cups of vinegar (depending on the type). The reaction can dislodge common blockages. 2. To fix a dripping faucet caused by a faulty washer, start by shutting ...

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Navigating the Real Estate Maze

February 11, 2018

Have you ever wanted to try to make your way through a maze at an amusement park or farm field? If you don’t know the layout, it can take a long time to find your way through. You’ll hit a lot of dead ends, go around in circles a few ...

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Subtle Signs it May Be Time to Sell

February 9, 2018

Sometimes the reason for putting your home on the market is crystal clear. For example, you might have a job relocation and need to move. Or, you might have decided to downsize because the kids have left the nest. However, there are many other motivations to list your home that ...

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How to Tell if a Neighbourhood is Improving

January 30, 2018

When you’re looking for a new home, you want to find one in a great neighbourhood – or, at least, in a neighbourhood that is on the upswing. How can you tell if a particular area is improving? Here are some common indicators: Pride of ownership. Take a walk around ...

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Exiting through a Window in an Emergency

January 23, 2018

Hopefully, this will never happen to you. But, there are circumstances – a fire, for example – when you and your family would need to exit through a window. It pays to be prepared for that eventuality. Your first step is to determine which windows are safe to use as ...

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